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Dave Bardsley's comments

  • ASHRAE forms first UK group with inaguration of Midlands Section

    Dave Bardsley's comment 7 December, 2015 11:05 am

    This is an interesting development. Great to see Steve Gill involved, once again putting the jigsaw pieces together.
    Good luck Steve and Edward with the new Chapter. I hope it takes off as I have also wondered why it didn't happen before

  • Australian cooling bodies take on ARA over 'inaccurate public pronouncements' on industry position with government

    Dave Bardsley's comment 7 December, 2015 11:02 am

    I agree with Tim. I am also glad to see this getting the attention it deserves.
    Natural refrigerants is the way to go, although I do accept that as an interim, HFOs may temporarily fill a gap, they should not be part of a long term, or even medium term solution. Short term, yes, perhaps.
    Great to see this picked up in the UK press

  • AHRI and UNEP agree Global Program for refrigerant supply chain networks

    Dave Bardsley's comment 5 August, 2015 10:09 pm

    Interesting comment from you again Jason. We are the same here in Aus. Even though the industry is relatively small compared to Europe or the USA , there is still competition between the trade bodies and in fighting.
    You say that the industry doesn't have the resources for endless duplication, well unfortunately it does have as it keeps on demonstrating. It seems that there is endless funding available to different factions to keep on justifying themselves. They all have supporters and vested interests, What you should have said is that the industry shouldn't waste the valuable resources. Because that is exactly what it is doing. I am as guilty of this as anyone. I belong to two trade bodies and they both do more or less the same with some slight tweaks and focus. The money, my money, would be better put to use if there were only one body. It could do a lot more.
    The global RAC industry needs to bring all the parties together to form a global RAC alliance. Sure they can keep their own identities but a platform whereby they can all speak together and co-ordinate efforts can only improve things. This shouldn't be headed by any one body, but could be chaired by different heads in rotation, a bit like the EU is run I hear.
    I worry though that if you form a completely separate body, it will just suck up more resources and create a pointless level of bureaucracy. But a global alliance might just work. Perhaps a global version of FETA but for teh RAC industry.
    What do you think?

  • Cooling bodies agree co-operation over promotion of natural refrigerants

    Dave Bardsley's comment 25 July, 2015 11:28 pm

    Interesting observation Jason.
    If the headline had been consistent surely the Cooling Bodies would have signed an agreement regarding natural coolants, but they didn't.
    Cooling is a term that to my mind at least seems to be being used by the media, PR companies, spin doctors, and marketing people. I have yet to meet a Cooling Engineer.
    If the term does divide the industry it is only between those that known what they are doing and those that are trying to sell something.
    When the industry is embracing the heating properties of refrigeration, getting to grips with its environmental impact, and discovering its place in the energy and renewables fields, to call it the Cooling industry that only does cooling seems as misguided and it is misplaced.
    There is a heating industry so to some it makes sense to call us the cooling industry, but I would argue that we are far much more than that.
    As for the cold economy and the like, well, that is just marketing spin.
    Refrigeration is not just mechanical cooling. There may be a place for the 'C; word but lets not use it to replace refrigeration.

  • Working Hand in Hand

    Dave Bardsley's comment 28 June, 2015 11:51 pm

    Hi Jason Ive been reading about the Sustain-Ability Mentoring project which looks really good, but I understand that it won't start until September is that correct?

    I must confess that I have never read this blog by Anon before but I saw the comment from Jason and came here to have a look. I like what read and agree with Jason that this really is an important issue and that this is a really good blog.

    Dear Anon, you have just found yourself a new fan from Aus. I also look forward to reading your next one


  • Adande gets £2m backing to work with Bonds on Aircell concept for refrigerated cases

    Dave Bardsley's comment 6 May, 2015 10:44 am

    The report that Nigel refers to doesn't say that the performance drops off until glass door cases are worse than open cases, at least not what I read. To me it says that in some cases at certain times the performance is no better ,during those excessively busy periods.

    Surely a drop in performance for any measure will be reduced during busy periods. Is Nigel claiming that the performance of the aircell kit doesn't also reduce during busy usage periods?

    The retailers are looking for any excuse not to accept responsibility for their huge energy wasting practices. The funding will now give them the excuse to delay fitting doors to cabinets. All done RAC Industry, we are helping the supermarkets once again dodge their responsibilities to reduce their environmental impact

  • Lib-Dem Lord to Lead Cross-Industry Cold Chain Commission to raise profile of 'cold'

    Dave Bardsley's comment 27 March, 2015 5:50 am

    If you read the article, it is not about traditional mechanical refrigeration at all. It follows on from the invention by Dearman of a Liquid Air engine. These people are more to do with Liquid Nitrogen Freezing and cooling than what we normally think of as 'refrigeration', I don't know about the UK, but over here, we wouldn't expect people working for companies such as Air Products for example to be part of the 'refrigeration' community. We tend to live and work in different spheres. Perhaps that would explain why the 'joined-up' approach is not there? Perhaps they don't use the word 'refrigeration' because the 'cold' they are talking about comes out of a cylinder or storage tank.

  • Lib-Dem Lord to Lead Cross-Industry Cold Chain Commission to raise profile of 'cold'

    Dave Bardsley's comment 25 March, 2015 8:30 pm

    I can't help but agree with Jason. We have the same situation down here in Aus. I don't know the people involved in this news item but I can't imagine that Jason will receive any sort of meaningful response.
    Jason, you are asking all the right questions, and making all the right suggestions but don't expect anyone to reply or give you any credit. If it is like here, I am sure that they are listening but the lame answer that you received to your powerful argument about this industry being a lap-dog in another news item thread shows just how much your UK institutions are a lost cause and in need of a shake-up
    Good luck mate. A good read - well at least the comments are!

  • Refrigeration consultant Steve Gill wins election to become IOR President Elect

    Dave Bardsley's comment 5 March, 2015 9:32 am

    Congratulations Steve, very well deserved.

  • Survey finds 80% of UK ammonia refrigeration fails to meet dangerous substances standards

    Dave Bardsley's comment 5 March, 2015 9:31 am

    Fortunately accidents are few and far between but when they occur they can prove fatal.
    Ammonia is a good refrigerant and can be safe, but it is alarming just how ill informed many current operators now are.
    I am also glad that someone has finally spoken up and raised this unpopular topic
    . Manufacturers, designers and installers will all be wanting to sell more plant. They must be honest and acknowledge that there are huge gaps in H&S practice by many end-users due to lack of knowledge.