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  • Comment on: Fast and loose with compliance

    ANDREW GAVED's comment 4 December, 2015 3:31 pm

    The logic is simple. The law is the law, whether it is UK or European law. They have to be obeyed and so Daimler shouldn't be allowed to 'forget' the fact it has been consistently in breach of the MAC Directive, just because it is a huge multinational.
    To switch the analogy, if it was revealed that one of our major supermarkets or contractors had been completely avoiding complying with F-Gas rules for three years, I am sure the rest of the industry would be in uproar, because they would have been getting an unfair cost advantage and because F-Gas was brought in to reduce environmental damage.
    In the same way, Daimler, by avoiding R1234yf for three years, has arguably avoided millions of pounds in gas costs that the other car manufacturers have had to pay. It has also added a large volume of carbon into the atmosphere with its higher-GWP R134a.
    It's great that Daimler has CO2 on trial, but the company needs to face trial too for its breach of the MAC Directive!

  • Comment on: AHRI and UNEP agree Global Program for refrigerant supply chain networks

    ANDREW GAVED's comment 17 August, 2015 12:02 pm

    The more recent story, giving due credit to Mr Fox is this one "Contractors welcome moves toward first global refrigeration competence standards"
    Same Licence,just highlighting the positive potential, as noted by Graeme above.
    There will be more from Mr Fox on this - and from AHRI - in September issue of RAC

  • Comment on: Cooling bodies agree co-operation over promotion of natural refrigerants

    ANDREW GAVED's comment 28 July, 2015 8:50 pm

    Jason once again you raise some valid points for us all to think about.
    I have to say that the main reason for the increasing use of 'Cooling industry' as a catch-all title is because it is very hard to fit 'refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps' into a small space such as a headline or an Awards invitation!
    But I take the point about it not doing justice to the range of disciplines - and I think many of us are guilty of referring to an 'industry' where in fact the two disciplines of refrigeration and air conditioning are distinct and in reality dont overlap much at all.
    Getting the two 'sides' to talk more - and then to talk with the heating folk - is perhaps one of the biggest challenges we face!

  • Comment on: Lib-Dem Lord to Lead Cross-Industry Cold Chain Commission to raise profile of 'cold'

    ANDREW GAVED's comment 30 March, 2015 8:36 pm

    An Interesting discussion, folks. I will do my best to try and look for some positives!
    It is important, i agree, to have the whole of the industry represented,
    I believe IOR president Graeme Maidment has already been in discussion with a view to having the 'conventional' cooling industry voice represented. I am also going to ask the folk represented in the story to respond to your points too,
    And i should just say, there is a new story about Dearman on the news pages too!

  • Comment on: Enforcement is the key to proper regulation

    ANDREW GAVED's comment 10 February, 2015 2:36 pm

    We asked FETA to respond to Jason's bold challenge.
    Here is their response:

    “ACRIB has of course responded to the consultation formally on behalf of the trade associations and professional institutes that it represents – one of which is FETA. ACRIB broadly accepted the proposals and its responses were endorsed by EPEE, AREA and CIBSE.

    Supplementary to the formal responses to the questions posed, ACRIB also took the opportunity to reinforce the industry’s support for a mandatory, low cost National Database, similar to the ACRIB F Gas Skillscard for individual certification.
    It is felt that this could mitigate some of the cost of compliance and assist in the enforcement process.

    Drawing on the standing and reputation of an industry which takes a considered and professional attitude to its responsibilities, ACRIB maintains a close and constructive relationship with both DEFRA and the EA and will continue to act in the best interests of the varied stakeholders, acknowledging that at times some will have conflicting views.”

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