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Cool, Calm and Collected

Julian Brunnock provides a regular dispatch from the frontline of the cooling industry.

All posts by Julian Brunnock

Certain about uncertainty

Posted by Julian BrunnockWed, 17 Dec 2014

There are only three certainties about the next general election: firstly, it will be on 7 May; secondly, it will be a completely different prospect to the last one in 2010; and thirdly, and most importantly for our industry, no one has any idea what the outcome will be.

Looking back and looking forward

Posted by Julian BrunnockWed, 17 Dec 2014

One of the drawbacks of writing a column for more than a year is that you get to be held to account for your predictions. Luckily, my prediction for cooling sector growth, based on increased activity in the construction sector, came true.

Carpe Diem

Posted by Julian BrunnockTue, 4 Nov 2014

Continuing my theme of seizing the opportunity to promote your business, I will offer you another handy moto: there is always no better time than ‘now’. Remember that the time ‘when things calm down’ never comes either. The opportunities and the circumstances change, but the timing never does – the time is now.

Why give them what they ask for?

Posted by Julian BrunnockThu, 30 Oct 2014

When your children come up to you and ask for a pair of pliers or a piece of string, experience has probably taught you to not just give them what they want but ask what they want it for, to ensure they do not damage themselves, siblings or your property. When you go and look at what they are doing, it usually turns out they need a completely different tool. You knew this, due to your greater knowledge and experience.

Strike while the weather’s hot

Posted by Julian BrunnockMon, 13 Oct 2014

Ironically – and annoyingly – the best time to promote your business is when you’re too busy to do it.

It's recycling time again

Posted by Julian BrunnockTue, 13 May 2014

We’re all used to recycling at home these days. Putting the right material into the right bins –  it’s a fairly simple process. But  as we all know, recycling old air conditioning equipment is a lot more complicated. Gone are the days when you could just chuck the old stuff in a skip and forget about it. These days there are numerous regulations to comply with and the metal components have a considerable scrap value.

It's recycling time again

Posted by Julian BrunnockWed, 26 Mar 2014

But  as we all know, recycling old air conditioning equipment is a lot more complicated. Gone are the days when you could just chuck the old stuff in a skip and forget about it. These days there are numerous regulations to comply with and the metal components have a considerable scrap value.

The opportunity of R22's demise

Posted by Julian BrunnockTue, 18 Mar 2014

You can’t open a trade magazine or an industry website without seeing dire warnings about what will happen at the end of this year when the refrigerant is no more. In my view, this offers a serious marketing opportunity to all manufacturers.

My New Year's resolutions

Posted by Julian BrunnockMon, 6 Jan 2014

As this is traditionally the time for New Year’s resolutions, it set me thinking about what resolutions we should all make to ensure the coming year is commercially successful. The first thing I thought of was “less time on the golf course”, but then I thought, no, let’s go for something achievable. So here goes.

Industry must not risk its reputation

Posted by Julian BrunnockMon, 11 Nov 2013

For example, you give house buyers help to find a deposit, which means more first-time buyers can afford to purchase a house. This in turn puts more money in the market, which pushes up house prices and means fewer first time buyers can afford them.

Don't throw another log on the fire

Posted by Julian BrunnockThu, 17 Oct 2013

In the end, we had more than our recent quota of hot and warm days, and it went on as long as we are entitled to expect.

Are you sitting comfortably

Posted by Julian BrunnockTue, 3 Sep 2013

As I am writing this we are still in the middle of a heat wave. But the way the British weather has been going recently, you could be reading this while stuck in a snowdrift.

Is the Government serious about RHI?

Posted by Julian BrunnockWed, 7 Aug 2013

The extension of the RHI, which commercial customers have been enjoying since November 2011, will mean householders and landlords receive a tariff-based subsidy.

The economy must come first

Posted by Julian BrunnockMon, 1 Jul 2013

At the time of writing, we are being hit by a number of less-than-encouraging statistics.

Distributing Success

Posted by Julian BrunnockTue, 30 Apr 2013

I joined Fujitsu just as the great industry-wide distributor cull was coming to an end, with most manufacturers taking the view that they could compete with each other best if they took the distributors’ share of the profit margin out of the equation entirely. Some did this by buying up their former distributors and some by setting up their own direct sales arm.

The end is nigh - honestly

Posted by Julian BrunnockTue, 2 Apr 2013

One such deadline is heading towards us at a rate of knots; the end of R22 refrigerant on January 1, 2015. From that date, if R22 equipment needs recharging, there will be no R22 available – not even recycled product.

What's the deal?

Posted by Julian BrunnockTue, 26 Feb 2013

Julian Brunnock rasies a critical eyebrow at the government’s Green Deal incentives

A slow burner

Posted by Julian BrunnockFri, 8 Feb 2013

Julian Brunnock cuts through the spin to consider the impact of the heat pump out in the field – and why the public is not yet on board

Pass the bucks

Posted by Julian BrunnockFri, 4 Jan 2013

January is traditionally a time for looking back and looking ahead to the coming year.

Trading with non-specialists is short-sighted

Posted by Julian BrunnockMon, 5 Nov 2012

Julian Brunnock urges manufacturers and distributors to only sell their equipment to certified installers to ensure quality is maintained