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george macpherson

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Comments (3)

  • Comment on: Vehicle AC industry to challenge Defra over R134a top-ups

    george macpherson's comment 27 November, 2015 6:42 am

    DEFRA need to recognise that in order to recover refrigerant you have to open the AC system just as you have to do on re-charging, there should be no distinction between the two other than opening the system to do either procedures should be done by a qualified refrigerant technician, would Joe public do this on the refrigerant of a household fridge freezer with R134a from a DIY shop because that's what they are saying can happen.
    AC should be treated as a complete process and not a bit part where the public wouldn't know if the system was leaking and R134a released into the atmosphere in unknown quantities.
    They clearly don't know how AC works as I've said several times in the past and on this occasion it sounds very much like Government also doesn't know how AC works and has been persuaded by members or supporters looking after they're own selfish interests and not that of the environment for everyone

  • Comment on: Defra U-turns on uncertified F-Gas purchases

    george macpherson's comment 27 October, 2015 6:23 am

    DEFRA has got this situation all wrong.
    we have spent the past 2-3 years flagging up the need for f-Gas certification and they sank all the hard work by a lot of people on the whim of the DIY market and the word RECOVERY. this has clearly been done without any understanding that Recovery is only part of the AC procedure.
    Recovery is used by bodyshops when vehicles have been in a collision, by AC specialists when looking at wrong pressure readings which may involve a leak in the system or when lack of servicing has meant not enough refrigerant in the system to let it operate efficiently and it also allows older refrigerant and moisture etc to be removed, it is also important prior to OFN testing ensuring that refrigerant can be safely re-charged into the system
    none of the above applies to DIY but it does allow them to side step this vital procedures of AC and to recharge a system that is almost certain to have a leak, to plug into AC without any knowledge or training.
    an example for DEFRA is a lady who removed the Schraeder valve on the HP side because she thought that was how to refill.
    DEFRA has not listened to the trade nor to refrigerant manufacturers/re-fillers, what a wasted 2-3 years of time and effort, holed below the waterline by your own is scandalous.

  • Comment on: Comprehensive F-Gas Regulation guide available for cooling industry

    george macpherson's comment 7 January, 2015 9:12 am

    there is still no teeth in new regulations for DIY air conditioning.
    why can someone still go to a motor DIY shop and purchase a can of refrigerant and use on his vehicle with NO Knowledge of AC, NO qualifications,NO F-Gas handling purely because DEFRA says it isnt covered because there is NO recovery taking place.
    and why is it still possible for people to get F-Gas qualifications and City & Guilds without actually doing anything other than a few questions during an AC Demo ???
    i have complained and given instances to both DEFRA and City & Guilds.
    those supporting the regulations are not being helped and they are not policing complaints