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Metal guru, is it true?

I have recently been accused of being a guru – on an industry discussion forum website. By Graham Hendra

I was a little troubled by this accusation so have consulted the oxford English dictionary to see if it rings true, I quote

guru/ gooroo/

noun 1 a Hindu spiritual teacher. 2 each of the ten first leaders of the Sikh religion. 3 an influential teacher or popular expert: a management guru

As far as I am aware I have nothing whatsoever to do with any organised or disorganised religion so that knocks the first two on the head.

As far as the third definition is concerned I would hardly call myself influential and clearly from the post on the aforementioned site I am not that popular. The closest I have ever got to a guru was when sitting in a tent drinking chai tea in a tent at Glastonbury surrounded by a thousand joss sticks while trying to dodge the rain.

I have been burdened with this accolade by someone else who unfortunately remains nameless. Typically on this type of site you can put in a ridiculous name making it hard to track you down so its hard to tell whether your comments are serious.

These forum websites can be very good and can be a useful source of information but one thing troubles me, if you need some information on a product or want some service advise wouldn’t you be best served asking the manufacturer or the distributor for help?

Surely it is in their interest to help you as the end result will be more business. Asking someone for advice, who is not prepared to even tell you who they are, must be risky It’s like meeting a bloke in a dark car park and asking what he thinks of a particular unit.

If you are going to use these sites the come out in the open, tell us who you are and then we can decide whether to trust your comments.