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The supermarkets are destroying the planet

By now you should be aware that one of my major gripes with the whole environmental thing is that although our government pushes the green agenda they do nothing to discourage us from driving thousands of miles wiping out any savings we have made.

But Mr Brown and chums are not alone, the supermarkets are now actively encouraging us to drive more as well.

I’ve just been to Tesco at Winchester, I don’t know if you’ve been but its lovely, it has a fabulous wine aisle well worth the trip. When Tesco built this mega store a few years ago they built a massive car park outside the store and another overspill car park by the entrance, in the many years it has been open I have never seen this car park full. So why did they build it so big?

Now Tesco Winchester is sited right by junction 9 of the M3, for the un-initiated that’s where the A34 joins the M3 and heads to the North, its one of the busiest road junctions in the UK.  Over the years Tesco Winchester car park has become a meeting place for people going to the North and London, the normal procedure is to meet your colleagues there, leave one of the cars safely parked up in the overspill car park and continue your journey in one car.

It is quite normal to see business people, colleagues and couples having affairs meeting at this car park and parking up. The amount of car miles this simple car park must have saved over the years must be massive. Congratulations to Tesco for doing this, it’s a great idea and it saves the planet.

This Sunday I went to Tesco to do my shopping, while parking up I saw a member of the Gestapo wandering through the car park noting down number plates into a computer. Apparently if I leave my car in this car park for over 2 hours they will put a wheel clamp on my car which they will kindly remove for a donation of £200.

Overnight the over flow car park has become deserted. I can only assume we are now to take one car each with us to our meetings.

Well done Tesco! for no reason whatsoever you have encouraged the maximum usage of our cars. I’m sure you are not alone.


By Graham Hendra

Graham Hendra is Consulting Technical Manager at Spaceair