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A whole lot of cooling

As Chillventa hosts the world’s best refrigeration and air-conditioning suppliers, we present some of the show’s highlights

Refrigerant Solutions  Stand 1-135

Refrigerant Solutions offers replacements for R22 and interim ozone-depleting blends across the range of temperature applications. These refrigerants have no ozone depletion potential but can be used with both the traditional and new lubricants. Performance is similar to the refrigerants being replaced and significant costs can be saved by avoiding an expensive and often technically unsatisfactory retrofit, the firm says.

RS-44 (R424A) can replace R22 in air-conditioning systems with a capillary tube, as well as those with an expansion device. RS-45 (R434A) is a suitable replacement for R22 in flooded systems – a capacity match for R22 – and can also replace R22 across the range of applications and temperatures, including air-conditioning and low-temperature refrigeration. RS-52 (R428A) is similar in performance to R507 and R404A, and an ideal replacement for the interim blends R402A, R403B and R408A, the firm notes.

RS-50 (R442A) has been designed as a low-global warming potential (GWP) drop-in replacement for R404A, claiming less than half the GWP, together with a higher coefficient of performance and capacity.

Advanced Engineering  Stand 6-212

Advanced Engineering will be taking its biggest ever stand to this year’s exhibition. As Europe’s largest manufacturer and supplier of coil cleaners, the company is taking the opportunity to launch its maintenance chemicals for renewable heating to the European market. The six-product range of heat transfer and flushing fluids has been specially designed for use with heat pumps and solar heating systems.

The range includes TerraFlow (pictured), a specialist heat transfer fluid for heatpump boilers, and two versions of StellarFlow, optimised for use in both flat plate and vacuum tube solar heating. Each has been specially formulated to remain fully active for up to five years and to protect systems from ice and bacteria growth. The fluids are supplemented by a comprehensive set of cleaning solutions for renewable heating systems.

Advanced technical director Colin Pratt explains: “Just like RAC systems, renewables are prone to sludge build-up over time and, ultimately, pipe blockages if not properly maintained. We have therefore developed specific flushing solutions, TerraFlush and StellarFlush, that safely remove dirt deposits from piping, improving reliability and performance.

“Likewise, PrepFlush is a pre-commissioning liquid that ensures piping is free from dust and detritus, prior to installation. We think it will make a real difference to engineers moving into this growing market.”

Co-exhibiting on the Advanced Engineering stand will be Spectronics, world leaders in fluorescent leak detection products. Proven to find multiple and intermittent leaks undetectable by any other method, Spectroline will find leaks as small as 3g per year. 

Also featured will be the Promax range of recovery machines with their reputation for reliability in the toughest working conditions, as well as the innovative and highly regarded Robinair range of vacuum pumps.

A-Gas Group Stand 4-222

Recycling and environmental services will be the major focus for the A-Gas Group, following the success of its waste recycling programme in the UK.

A-Gas claims market leadership when it comes to waste refrigerant processing. At the heart of the company’s fully licensed and compliant service is its fractional distillation technology, which enables refrigerant material that would otherwise be consigned for destruction to be separated and restored back to standards set by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute. This includes cocktails of refrigerants as well as HCFC mixtures such as R408A and R409A.

HFC and HCFC fluids can be recovered from a wide range of industries and applications including refrigeration and air-conditioning, automotive, shipping, pharmaceutical industries and fire suppression.

To ensure counterfeit refrigerants, such as methyl chloride, are correctly identified, A-Gas will be highlighting its refrigerant analysis service, which is now available worldwide. Its new, state-of-the-art gas chromatography mass spectrometry system tests for the purity of returned refrigerants and whether they have traces of R40.

With some European users still reliant on R22, A-Gas will be offering technical support and advice for customers who are using reclaimed material and have yet to map out a strategy beyond the complete ban on reclaimed HCFCs at the end of 2014.

DuPont Refrigerants  Stand 4-410

Du Pont will be showcasing new refrigerant solutions designed to significantly reduce the environmental impact of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.

The new range of DuPont Opteon HFO refrigerants currently under development have a much lower global warming potential impact than refrigerants that have been used historically. Besides Opteon XP10, which has already been under development for commercial refrigeration applications (medium temperature range), new products will be featured for use in air-conditioning equipment and heat pumps.

DuPont introduced Opteon XP10 as its leading low GWP refrigerant under development at Chillventa 2010. This product is designed as an alternative to R134a in commercial medium temperature refrigeration applications. Its GWP value of approximately 600 is considerably below that of R134a but it has similar thermodynamic properties and is non-flammable; it is therefore suitable both for new equipment and for existing equipment operating with R134a technology.

DuPont is also developing and testing a series of other refrigerants that can be used in commercial refrigeration applications for the replacement of R404A/R507; air-conditioning applications and heat pumps for the replacement of R410A; and chillers for the replacement of R134a and R123. At Chillventa, the company will introduce a new HFO molecule, named DR-2, that is under development. This product is suitable for use in high temperature heat pumps, the organic Rankine cycle process, chillers operating with low pressure technology, and as a heat transfer fluid.

In addition, DuPont will provide information on the Isceon 9-series product portfolio, a family of products currently commercially available and designed specifically to enable easy conversion of existing R22 refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, allowing end-users to continue to use their existing equipment for the remainder of its useful life.

DuPont Refrigerants market development manager EMEA Joachim Gerstel says: “The amount of recycled R22 is already limited today. Since dealers and distributors expect a further shortage due to steadily decreasing returned quantities of R22, we advise rapid conversion to avoid shutdown of equipment and the costs associated with this.

“The work required for conversion can generally be carried out as part of routine maintenance and servicing during normal business operation. DuPont is committed to assuring that Isceon 9-series refrigerants will be widely available in sufficient quantities.”

Frascold  Stand 5-313

Frascold is expanding its award-winning range of compressors for use with very low global warming potential refrigerants in order to meet growing demand for high-efficiency systems that are environmentally friendly. In line with its policy of offering proven compressors for use with all the main alternative refrigerants, the company will display ATEX compressors for use with hydrocarbons, subcritical and transcritical CO2 compressors, and new ranges for use with ammonia and HFO1234ze.

Frascold says it will also unveil important new developments in screw compressors: the CXIT range, with built-in inverter, delivers very high efficiency at part load, guaranteeing outstanding seasonal efficiency (European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio/Integrated Part Load Value). It will be displayed at the heart of the company’s stand alongside an example from Frascold’s CXH screw compressor range.

Designed for use in chillers or heat pump applications, it offers industry-leading low noise levels and excellent efficiency at full and part load due to its slide valve capacity control, the company states.

The new A-TS series of open drive machines completes Frascold’s comprehensive new screw compressor line-up. Consisting of 16 models, it is offered in two options for medium-low and medium-high temperatures, and can be used with either ammonia or HFC refrigerants, such as R404A or R507.

Frascold has not been standing still in the area of reciprocating technology. It will display examples from the recently expanded ECOinside range, now available in capacities from 20 cu m/h to 154 cu m/h.

These high-efficiency machines, originally optimised for R134a in medium-low-temperature applications, have been proven to deliver superb performance and low energy consumption in CO2 cascade systems and in medium-temperature direct expansion systems, particularly when combined with floating condensing temperatures. Due to their low internal pressure drops and optimised winding design, ECOinside compressors offer good performance with the new low-GWP HFO refrigerants.

For natural refrigerant CO2, Frascold has developed a comprehensive range of compressors that caters for all applications. It comprises the TK range for use in transcritical applications and SK2 range for subcritical applications. Other new products include the new low-profile TS range of compressors. In just 178 mm of total height, this can generate more than 5 kW cooling capacity in medium-temperature conditions. Nine models of the two cylinder semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor are available, sparking interest among refrigerated cabinet makers for use in integral cases.

The company will also show its innovative XLR mechanical capacity regulation system. By cutting the suction flow on a single cylinder, it gives double the actual capacity regulation, giving significantly reduced energy use and offering cost efficiency, Frascold says.

Bitzer  Stands 4-310 and 4-408

Bitzer is promising a wide range of products. In the screw compressor sector, the company is presenting its new CSV series (pictured). The frequency inverter is integrated into the compressor, carefully adjusted at the factory, and parameters are set for the highest levels of operational efficiency. The refrigerant-cooled electronics regulate the variable speed of the intelligent compressor and guarantee an exact temperature sequence. With a European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio that is greater than five, the energy-efficient screw compressors set new standards for air-cooled water chillers with direct evaporation.

The new generation of the Ecoline reciprocating condenser range is also on show. This is designed for use with many refrigerants in addition to R134a – for example R404A, R407A, R407C, R407F, R507A and hydrocarbons. The new Orbit 6 family of scroll condensers has a cooling capacity of between 27 kW and 51 kW at 50 Hz, according to climatic conditions. The five models of the scroll range have a high level of isentropic effectiveness across a wide range of applications.

Bitzer is also promising the world premiere of a range of newly developed condensing units.

DiversiTech  Stand 6-101

DiversiTech, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of refrigeration and air-conditioning ancillaries and components, will be showcasing both its products and a new European office and distribution facilities in Antwerp. As well as having experienced support staff, DiversiTech bvba holds comprehensive stock levels in its Belgium warehouse and is able to offer a fast and efficient delivery service throughout mainland Europe.

The new facilities join the headquarters in Atlanta, factories in the United States and Far East, and a rapidly expanding and successful UK distribution partnership with Nottingham-based Pump House.

A number of DiversiTech products will be showcased, including the well-established PRO range of professional coil cleaning and maintenance products.

New for 2012 is Pro-Green, an environmentally friendly indoor and outdoor coil cleaner that is non-toxic, non-corrosive and readily biodegradable. This makes it the ideal choice when zero environmental impact and maximum user friendliness is needed as well as superb cleaning ability, the company says.

Also new is Fresh-Coil, a unique indoor coil cleaner and deodoriser in a handy sized aerosol. This comes with a special applicator tube and directional nozzle that ensures maximum product penetration in difficult to reach places. 

DiversiTech has also developed the Smell-Buster range of odour elimination products. Unlike traditional odour masking products that only disguise the problem for a short period, Smell-Buster’s unique formulation actually breaks down and neutralises the bacteria that cause the smell, thereby providing ongoing smell control. Other, non-chemical products on show will be the Flexi range of equipment mounting and supporting products. This includes the modular Flexi-Frame kits, Flexi-H Frames, Flexi-Foot, rubber pipework and equipment mounting blocks, available in various sizes.

GEA Refrigeration Technologies  Stand 4-316

Cooling giant GEA Refrigeration Technologies will present a range of equipment from across its divisions at the show. GEA design engineers have developed a completely new range of medium-sized GEA Grasso compressors, for application in refrigeration technology, chillers or heat pumps.

One highlight of the new range is the Type MS. It features an internal continuous Vi control system that allows adapting its internal volume conditions to external plant pressure conditions. This assures great energy efficiency under various operating states, according to GEA. In addition, as the MS compressor is driven by a variable-speed motor and a frequency converter, the cooling output can be regulated via the motor speed. This new compressor type will primarily be employed in compact GEA Grasso BluAstrum chillers, which will enable them to achieve even better European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio values.

The group has also completed its GEA Bock F range by adding F18 eight-cylinder models. These compressors feature long-life components and are smaller and lighter than the piston compressors currently available with comparable displacements.

At the stand will also be GEA Geneglace ice generators, GEA AWP valves and fittings, as well as GEA chillers and control systems.

Meanwhile GEA Heat Exchangers will exhibit its range of cooling equipment. The GEA Adia-Denco cooling system has been especially designed for HVAC use in data centres. The system, with its extremely low energy consumption, is based on the proven GEA Cair range of air-handling units and exploits the principle of free cooling in combination with adiabatic humidification, to effectively reject heat.

On the basis of a very low number of hours in the year having temperatures above 29 deg C, power consumption for compressor-based cooling is reduced to an absolute minimum. With the Adia-Denco, data centre operators can save up to 70 per cent in energy use, the firm notes.

At the same time, the latest generation of GEA Küba SP and SG commercial air coolers is promising to set new standards. New motors reduce power requirements by 50 per cent and at the same time increase efficiency to over 90 per cent. The air throw ranges have been considerably increased, and pressure drop has been significantly reduced. In addition, GEA has now appreciably simplified installation, improved the defrost process and made the cleaning of all models in both series easier as a standard feature.

On the packed stand, GEA Searle will be showing PGB 123H-EC gas coolers, especially created for the use of CO2 as a refrigerant. They are based on proven standard models made for conventional synthetic refrigerants but use special heat exchangers to account for the characteristics of carbon dioxide as a natural refrigerant. At the fair, GEA will also present new and especially stable Searle condensers with an advanced innovative design that allows a configuration of units that are up to 12 m long.

At Chillventa, GEA will introduce its new GEA Goedhart VCe range as an addition to its proven and popular VCI range of ceiling mounted air coolers.

The new range is based on three fan sizes (630 mm, 710 mm and 800 mm), which operate at six-pole or even lower speed. The VCe range optimises thermodynamic and energy efficiency, minimises sound pressure levels and assures extremely low operational costs.

Mexichem Fluor  Stand 6-235

On its stand, representatives from Mexichem Fluor will be providing information about its Klea 407A refrigerant, as the company aims to be the leading global supplier of refrigerants to the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors. 

Mexichem Fluor has a broad range of existing refrigerants backed up by its integrated production assets, a re-invigorated approach to developing and commercialising new refrigerant solutions alongside its longstanding commitment to customer service.

Klea 407A was developed in order to give the  best possible combination of performance, energy  and environmental impact, the firm says. In terms of performance, the refrigerant is an ideal candidate to replace R404A – it has a similar capacity across a  range of conditions but offers a distinct advantage in coefficient of performance and reduced carbon footprint in use. Klea 407A is approved by many major equipment suppliers and widely specified by end-users.

Mexichem Fluor business director Dave Smith says: “Klea 407A presents a great opportunity to provide our customers with an additional refrigerant that is designed to reduce environmental impact and maximise performance. It is available for immediate use from our European distributor partners and represents a step in Mexichem’s continued efforts to ensure progressive availability of high-performance, high-efficiency and low-environmental impact refrigerants.”

Mexichem Fluor is a strong supporter of responsible refrigeration to ensure that fluorinated gases – HFCs in particular – are contained in use and responsibly recovered, reused or disposed of at the end of their useful life. Maintaining refrigerant choice is the most effective way of delivering future improvements in performance, including energy efficiency.

Teams from Mexichem Fluor will be present to provide information on the range of refrigerants available and will offer advice, guidance and information on industry issues. Mexichem’s products include Fluorspar from the world’s largest fluorspar mine, hydrofluoric acid and aluminium trifluoride, HFC refrigerants and medical HFC propellants.

Enex  Stand 4-406

Enex, WR Refrigeration’s Italian sister company, will show a new range of high efficiency, high resilience CO2 refrigeration plant at Chillventa, which are designed to be up to 20 per cent more efficient than conventional CO2 systems. The efficiency gains have been achieved by eliminating secondary losses in conjunction with a simplified design that offers increased reliability and resilience.

The Huurre Group of companies has collaborated on the development of the Sierra CO2 series, which has been designed to meet the needs of convenience stores and the hotel, restaurant and catering sectors.

The systems are available in capacities ranging from 12 kW to 25 kW, and come in a “booster” version in order to accommodate low-temperature refrigeration requirements.

Two designs are available: the first, the Enjector, uses a new method of liquid recirculation, which harnesses expansion energy. It operates as a pumped circulation system without the energy penalty of a dedicated refrigerant pump and can deliver energy savings of 10-15 per cent all year round.

Operating without a pump and associated controls also eliminates a potential source of failure, and combines the advantages of high efficiency overfeed systems with low refrigerant charge, no superheat and the simplicity of a direct expansion system. The design incorporates protection against liquid and oil return slugs, the most common cause of mechanical compressor failure.

The Economizer is the second option, optimised for use in warm climates in central and southern Europe, with ambient temperature conditions of 35 deg C. In a year-long field trial in Italy, an Economizer system delivered savings of up to 15 per cent compared with a traditional transcritical system.

WR Refrigeration business development director Patrick Mullins says: “We believe the Enjector system in particular will be highly attractive to UK end-users looking for a green option that offers high efficiency and outstanding resilience.”

Enex will also be exhibiting examples from its range of high-efficiency heat pumps for sanitary hot water: Airheat (air-to-water) and Geoheat (water-to-water) systems.

Resource Data Management  Stand 6-310

Resource Data Management (RDM), a market leader in intelligent refrigeration and building control systems, is to launch a new version of its flagship Data Manager, which is equipped with a touchscreen interface enabling users to access and interact directly with all control and programming functions.

Based on the company’s Intuitive interface, launched last year, the full colour touchscreen display gives users fingertip control of all control and monitoring functions, with the ability to customise the graphical display to suit the application and user requirements.

The expanding UK control and monitoring specialist launched a new US operation this year. RDM USA supplies existing and new US customers directly with equipment, technical support and training. It has also taken over responsibility for warrantees on RDM products previously supplied through the US distributor Verisae.

In the UK, RDM continues to grow and recently expanded its senior sales team to support its widening customer base and fuel strategic development plans. Steven Nicholls joined RDM in the new role of business development manager to expand the company’s presence in new sectors. Managing director Andrew Chandler says: “We have exciting developments in the pipeline that make RDM systems even easier to use, and will save end-users more time, money and carbon.”

Vulkan Lokring  Stand 2-217

Vulkan Lokring will be presenting the use of its mechanical jointing process as a key way to maximise the benefits of aluminium tube in the installation of  air-conditioning.

The firm says the previous difficulty of soldering or brazing aluminium can be overcome by using the Lokring connectors, allowing users to benefit from the reduced weight and cost of aluminium – currently around a quarter of the price of copper.

Apart from the considerable savings in weight (aluminium is three times lighter than copper), which has an extremely favourable impact on the shipment and installation of the air-conditioning plants, the firm says that aluminium has another significant advantage for refrigeration and air-conditioning use: it is considerably more corrosion resistant than copper.

This is thanks to the quick formation of a continuous oxide layer on the metal, which occurs almost instantaneously when aluminium is exposed to the atmosphere. It prevents the reaction with oxygen, water or diluted acids and protects the underlying metal from any other attacks.

Aluminium can be recycled using only 5 per cent of the energy necessary for the manufacture of primary aluminium. On the other hand, the molten scrap may be used without any limitations and as often as required without any loss in value or quality. With the deployment of the solder-free (or braze-free) Lokring tube connection technology, the benefits of the light metal can be harnessed as well as those of the Lokring tube connection, the manufacturer says.

The solder-free tube connection is based on an axial sliding technology: it consists of two Lokrings and one tubular joint that takes the two tube ends. During assembly, the tube ends are inserted into the joint to the inner limit. From there, an assembly tool is used to push the two Lokrings axially onto the joint.

Thanks to the conical inner contour of the Lokrings and the special outer and inner contour of the joint, the diameter of the joint is reduced during assembly, in turn enabling the tube and the joint to form a hermetic connection through surface contact.

The manufacturer emphasises that the lifetime hermetic tightness of the fitted connection is guaranteed by the state of ‘permanent elastic pretension’, which is produced by the balance of the radial forces of the Lokrings acting in the opposite direction to the tube.

Against a brazed installation, Vulkan claims up to 40 per cent savings in install time, while avoiding quality inconsistencies and the need for hot works permits. The Lokring tube connection has also been tested under extreme conditions, sustaining tensile forces up to 40 kN without any problems, equivalent to a weight of approximately four tonnes, Vulkan says.

Airedale International  Stand 7-418

Airedale will be exhibiting a wide range of products offering integrated cooling solutions, ranging from dedicated in-row IT cooling equipment to precision air-conditioning units and free-cooling chillers.

The DeltaChill FreeCool chiller, which won a 2012 Cooling Award for Air Conditioning Product of the Year, offers more than 95 per cent free-cooling across  a year.

Use of concurrent free-cooling, together with latest fan technology and microchannel coils, has optimised efficiency, making the R410A unit consume up to 50 per cent less energy than a conventional chiller.

Excellent part-load efficiency enables the firm to claim a European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) of up to 4.8 for the DeltaChill FreeCool. Models range from 135 kW to 1030 kW.

Other benefits include leak detection and automatic refrigerant pumpdown, and a chiller sequence manager that allows up to six chillers to be integrated into a single system.

The SmartCool precision cooling range will also be on show. This is available in seven system types, encompassing DX and chilled water, and including a hybrid version containing both in a single case, for built-in redundancy. A free-cooling version is also available, which uses 46 per cent less energy than a conventional air-cooled DX version, Airedale says.

Wieland-Werke AG  Stand 6-210

Wieland will be showing its range of tubes for the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry at Nuremburg. In line with Chillventa’s focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, the manufacturer of semi-finished products provides a wide range of products under the Wieland Thermal Solutions brand.

Highlights will include Microgroove, a very small innergrooved tube from the cuprofin family of products, and K65 tubes for high-pressure tube systems using CO2 refrigerant.

In addition to the outstanding material properties, the specially optimised heat transfer surfaces of Wieland copper tubes ensure maximum energy efficiency. Sophisticated surface geometries, for example, allow for a much more compact heat exchanger design, while smaller tube diameters add to higher energy efficiency and cost efficiency.

Copper is the material of choice for these tubes,  as it exhibits very high thermal conductivity, good formability and corrosion resistance. The grooved inner surface increases the thermal efficiency of the tube, making it possible to achieve both maximum energy efficiency and compact heat exchanger design.

With microgroove, Wieland offers a cuprofin tube that has a particularly small outside diameter. In air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, the use of this tube significantly enhances heat exchanger efficiency and leads to a substantial reduction in refrigerant volume, the firm says.

The amount of material required for the production of the heat exchanger can thus be considerably reduced, which is why the trend is towards increasingly smaller tube diameters – microgroove tubes of only 5 mm in outside diameter have established themselves in the market, with their heat transfer capacity far surpassing the industry standard.

At the stand, Wieland will unveil the K65 system solution for high-pressure applications. Based on a high-strength copper alloy, this system is suitable for applications operating at pressures of up to 120 bar and is therefore particularly suitable for its use as a high-pressure tube system for CO2.

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