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lindsay pelser

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Comments (5)

  • Comment on: Australian cooling industry continues to engage in war of words over carbon reduction

    lindsay pelser's comment 14 December, 2015 6:20 pm

    With response to the ARA letter what you see are a new range of refrigerants been launched in Australia such as 438a/MO99 these contain 90% R125 and R134a refrigerants that are supposed to be phased out but now blended and given a new name HFO? Who are the synthetic group trying to fool? So how can this group talk about any phase out of refrigerants

  • Comment on: R32 flammability holds no fear for contractors, says Daikin

    lindsay pelser's comment 24 June, 2014 11:15 am

    How can Graham say mildly flammable and A - GAS MSDS say extremely flammable?
    Who is telling porkies?
    He also did not say that it is Toxic. Why not display your MSDS for all to read?

  • Comment on: Sign up to RAC’s F-Gas Question Time now! – 21st May

    lindsay pelser's comment 11 May, 2014 8:38 am

    Always interesting to see people promoting R32 refrigerant and saying that if this refrigerant burns it may cause a Toxic Gas? . Come on guys warm people that when it burns it produces Hydrogen Flouride and this is deadly gas and will kill you if you breath it in.
    With other refrigerants that can burn warm people that they are not drop in replacement refrigerants and that electrical changes must take place to avoid sparks. Suppliers must give every service mechanic the MSDS for refrigerants

  • Comment on: R32 air conditioning technology to be in UK by next year, says Daikin

    lindsay pelser's comment 27 February, 2014 7:09 am

    Mr Verkempynk
    Tradesman have been working with flammable gas for many years such as our welding sets as one. It is not the flammable side that is a concern to us but the Toxic side of this gas. Should this leak into a home or office who is liable? Why the poor service mechanic. Who now has to arrive in chemical fall out gear on hand to work on these systems. What has your company done to improve safety and reduce liability?
    Hydrogen Fluoride is not something to play around with. What if there is a fire how are fire fighters going to know what they dealing with? You only talk about mildly flammable this is found today in most home for cooking and heating etc. This is Hydro Carbon yes flammable but clean burning and not Toxic.
    These systems also offer high energy saving and are safe to work with. People must read the MSDS and google the dangers of R32.
    You must ask who is going to take liability should this leak into a home office or work place. You need to ask what safety controls have Daikin put into these units should a leak occure.

  • Comment on: Use of R32 in UK is on the cards for Daikin

    lindsay pelser's comment 11 July, 2013 6:27 am

    So all the talk on R32 why not discuss the Toxic side of this refrigerant. We see we need to supply chemical clothing and breathing aparatus for service mechanics in case of leak or fire.
    What about the people inside buildings? What do they do besides runs like hell if the gas alarm goes off.
    If this refrigerant is so good why not talk about the Toxic side?
    Hydro Carbon is used everyday and is not Toxic. We all have gas barbeques and gas stoves, heaters etc no problems
    We would never use Toxic refrigerant who is going to take liability if somthing happens. Will Daikin hide behind tons of papers stating people should have been trained