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Neil Afram

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  • Comment on: Defra to step up UK F-Gas enforcement action

    Neil Afram's comment 4 March, 2019 4:09 pm

    How can we stop illegal trade on something legal to use? need to use? no safety guidelines or building regulation for so-called LGWP?
    Installers and end users are to blame?
    Europe is being used (again) as a guinea pig testing grounds between South East Asia and the North Americas? while the rest of the world still uses HCFC22? and until 2030!!!!. We can handle the best of both worlds? Neil Afram

  • Comment on: EU authorities seeking more “teeth” for F-Gas law enforcement

    Neil Afram's comment 13 February, 2019 11:01 am

    EU or anybody cannot have teeth for law enforcement ! when there are no bones to hold them. The reason for illegal actions is customers demand solution to there working problems while politicians dream! and manufacturers use their ignorance by changing refrigerants on the pretense of low GWP but not covering the safety and regulations or I should say the absence of safety & regulations!
    If my understanding is right (I was part of the F-Gas regulation team when it was conceived) F-Gas Regulations has nothing to do with quota ?! it is to do with competency and qualification to handle A1 (circa 46000 engineers mainly AC), A2 (circa 3000? mainly Refrigeration) and A3 (circa1000? mainly refrigeration) to safely and environmentally handle refrigerant.
    F-Gas has nothing to do with Europe or UK or any country. It is engineering guideline and standards for any person who touches a "Carnot cycle " refrigeration cycle where ever it exists.
    It is a driving license for current vehicles that passed health & safety standards and country road standards !!. Neil Afram

  • Comment on: Govt launches its F-Gas quota system in case of no-deal Brexit

    Neil Afram's comment 12 February, 2019 10:27 pm

    The government should also ensure that meeting our international target is place as we are a signatory to Kigali Amendments to the Montreal Protocol. Ensure our Building Guidelines and Health & Safety procedures with Industry Certified training for any New A2L low GWP refrigerants are in place with all manufacturers taking responsibility rather than laying the blame on Installers or users if it goes wrong. We need a healthy responsible industry without politics and games. Neil Afram

  • Comment on: CPA welcomes latest government Hackitt review response plans

    Neil Afram's comment 6 January, 2019 5:16 pm

    Excellent move and due for some time. These reviews need to take account of all materials used in the construction industry including materials used in the operation of such equipment e.e.refrierants and their safety implication, training availability, experience and compatibility. Safety should be a concern no. 1 over any other priorities including the environmental concerns which should follow evolution rather than revolution and manufacturers should take greater responsibility and liability. Neil Afram. Space Air Ltd.

  • Comment on: New UK joint regulatory body to trial revised building safety regulation

    Neil Afram's comment 22 December, 2018 5:41 pm

    Great belated news and hope the industry and building regulations take into account the issues of the introduction of Flammable refrigerants in the AC industry. Changes need to take account of uncontrolled selling and the refrigerant issue in a safe and organized manner. Neil Afram

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