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Cooling bodies agree co-operation over promotion of natural refrigerants

Eurovent and eurammon sign Memorandum of Outstanding over shared environmental goals

eurammon, the initiative for natural refrigerants, and Eurovent, the umbrella association for European cooling manufacturers, are to combine their efforts to advocate the use of natural refrigerants.

Monika Witt, Chairwoman of eurammon, and Christian Herten, outgoing President of Eurovent, have signed a corresponding Memorandum of Understanding.

The two groups said that particularly since new statutory regulations have increased the environmental awareness among operators, the market for natural refrigerants is growing significantly. “In this context, eurammon and Eurovent agreed to a strong co-operation. In the future, eurammon as the centre of excellence for using natural refrigerants will support the new partner organisation with its vast experience and expertise, in order to act as a driving force in achieving their shared objectives.”

In addition to sharing technical know-how, there are also plans to improve the cooperation by strengthening the link between both organisations’ existing networks.

Readers' comments (5)

  • When did the word 'refrigeration' become such a dirty word? It seems that no one now mentions the 'r' word. It has been replaced by the 'C' word - cooling
    There is a drive to clean up 'cooling'. In this news item two bodies are referred to as cooling bodies. The RAC awards are the Cooling Industry Awards and have been for over a decade.
    Perhaps cooling and refrigeration are different, perhaps they are one and the same, I don't know, but I expect some cleverer people that me can explain the difference.
    I wonder if it is time for the RAC Magazine to lead the way and change its name to the Cooling Industry Magazine, and should the IoR change its name to the Cooling Institute? I just wonder if we as an industry should embrace change or should we shall we let it divide this industry.

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  • Interesting observation Jason.
    If the headline had been consistent surely the Cooling Bodies would have signed an agreement regarding natural coolants, but they didn't.
    Cooling is a term that to my mind at least seems to be being used by the media, PR companies, spin doctors, and marketing people. I have yet to meet a Cooling Engineer.
    If the term does divide the industry it is only between those that known what they are doing and those that are trying to sell something.
    When the industry is embracing the heating properties of refrigeration, getting to grips with its environmental impact, and discovering its place in the energy and renewables fields, to call it the Cooling industry that only does cooling seems as misguided and it is misplaced.
    There is a heating industry so to some it makes sense to call us the cooling industry, but I would argue that we are far much more than that.
    As for the cold economy and the like, well, that is just marketing spin.
    Refrigeration is not just mechanical cooling. There may be a place for the 'C; word but lets not use it to replace refrigeration.

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  • Jason, I assume that your comment about changing to the Cooling Institute was made with your tongue very firmly in your cheek?
    Neither the of the bodies mentioned in this news item refer to themselves as a Cooling Body. I assume that the headline is just journalistic license.
    But Jason you are correct in your comment that the word cooling is being used more frequently these days to refer to refrigeration and air conditioning. Both of which are far more than just simple cooling.
    I have also seen the recent trend of taking about cooling as a commodity, and references to the cold economy. I assume that these terms are being used to try and differentiate in some way, and for some reason. Most probably to gain funding.
    Rest assured, refrigeration is here to stay but as an industry we should explain that it is much more than just cooling.

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  • Jason once again you raise some valid points for us all to think about.
    I have to say that the main reason for the increasing use of 'Cooling industry' as a catch-all title is because it is very hard to fit 'refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps' into a small space such as a headline or an Awards invitation!
    But I take the point about it not doing justice to the range of disciplines - and I think many of us are guilty of referring to an 'industry' where in fact the two disciplines of refrigeration and air conditioning are distinct and in reality dont overlap much at all.
    Getting the two 'sides' to talk more - and then to talk with the heating folk - is perhaps one of the biggest challenges we face!

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  • Andrew, I can't speak for the Awards invitations having never received one, but I thought that the magazine title had solved the problem years ago by using the abbreviation RAC when it changed it's name from Modern Refrigeration (long before your time). We all know what the abbreviation RAC stands for. As to the Awards themselves, I understand they are known as the RAC Cooling Industry Awards. Why not just the RAC Industry Awards? And as for the addition of heat pumps etc, many are now using the abbreviation RACHP. But I am sure that you are already award of this.
    I don't know the answer, or even if there is a question here actually. It is more an observation and a feeling, that the R word is becoming some how tainted so people are moving towards the more socially accepted cooling and cold. We hear of the ColdChain, the Cold Economy, the Cooling Awards, it just makes me wonder
    And yes, the world cooling is a poor substitute for Air Conditioning. Air conditioning is a far better description of what is happening. In the refrigeration industry I often hear of evaporators described as coolers.
    But i agree with you, that getting all elements of this industry (whatever it is called) to talk more is a problem. In an age when a sustainable solution more than ever requires an integrated approach, communication between all disciplines is essential. I will leave that problem to you and those better placed to solve it. Good luck

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